Once in a long while, you come across someone who is different, who has retained the joy of what playing really is about and is in a dance with the universe.


A person who tapped directly into what bass playing is supposed to be. Someone who has the technical end of bass playing all sorted out, can reach into the heart of music and pull the right strings.


Bassist Janne Pettersson is a true underground bass hero. He loves to play his basses, fretless or multi string basses, in all kinds of projects: from nasty funk-soul via new-age music to solo concerts and clinics.


A person, that has all but made the bass invisible and is standing there before you, showing you a clear window to his soul. When I encounter a person like this, and it does not happen very often, I can feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Janne Pettersson is one of a very few bass players that can do that.

Warren Murchie

Bass Inside Magazine



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